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We help you develop and use the knowledge, skills and inspiration that will enhance performance, innovation and employee well-being in your workplace. Our approach is evidence-based, effective and inspiring!


Comparing like with like, organisations that fully engage the skills, experience and creativity of their entire workforce enjoy a 20-60% productivity bonus and enhanced capacity for innovation as well as gains in employee health, according to several international studies.

What we do

Inspiring, Engaging and Facilitating!

In-house workshops and facilitation

Explore the case for change and discover how great organisations are achieving great business results and better working lives in our inspiring workshops.

We help you engage and mobilise people throughout your organisation with interactive workshops and facilitated discussions.

The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic ®

The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic ®  is your gateway into opportunities for improving workplace practices from the frontline to the boardroom.

The results indicate the potential for targeted change or consolidation in 11 specific areas of working practice. Findings are broken down by department, team, professional group or other variables provided by you.

Workplace Innovation Diagnostic Brochure Workplace Innovation Diagnostic Factsheet

The Workplace Innovation Foundation and Practitioner Programmes

Our unique distance learning and in person programmes accredit key people in your organisation as Workplace Innovation Practitioners, giving them the knowledge, competencies and resources they need to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes with the option of practical in-company facilitation and support. Participants also gain the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management.

Leadership for Workplace Innovation

Workplace Innovation Senior Practitioner

Our Leadership for Workplace Innovation Senior Practitioner  programme takes Workplace Innovation Practitioners  to the next level. They acquire the competencies and resources to train others as accredited Workplace Innovation Practitioners  and gain the ILM Diploma in Leadership and Management.

Working with us as an accredited consultancy partner

We welcome collaboration with consultants who share our belief in evidence-based approaches, seek win-win outcomes for clients and their employees, and recognise that sustainable change can never be a quick fix. Applications are welcomed from consultants demonstrating appropriate prior knowledge and experience.

“We wanted a WOW factor and you’ve certainly delivered that!”

Tony Williams

Executive Director of People, Orbit Group

Your Guide to Workplace Innovation

Companies face unprecedented challenges in an economy dominated by globalisation, rapid technological advances, demographic change and fast-shifting consumer demands. The ability to reinvent products, services and processes continually is becoming essential for survival and success.

Tackling these challenges can’t be done by senior teams alone: they need to harness the creativity, insights and engagement of the entire workforce. But that means challenging some deeply embedded practices ...

Our Free Guide offers inspiration and solutions, helping you assess current practice in your organisation, suggesting pathways to change, and signposting further sources of information and support.


Workplace Innovation Europe is a not-for-profit company with more than 25 years’ experience of developing and sharing good practice in the workplace. Meet our team and contact us to find out more.