Leadership for High Performing Organisations

Your fast track to leadership development and organisational change

Harry’s, Exeter EX4 6AP: 9th April (16.00) to 10th April 2019 (16.00)

An Immersive Workshop, full of fresh thinking and interaction
Followed by e-learning and online coaching
Leading to your ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management

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What’s in it for you and your organisation?

You are a senior team member, manager or emerging leader wanting to drive change forward. We offer you evidence-based approaches to achieving effective and sustainable transformation, supported by individual coaching, action learning and, if required, in-house facilitation (at extra cost). You become part of a community of companies and public sector organisations, sharing and learning together.

You gain the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership, an internationally-recognised qualification.

Your organisation achieves significant change and builds the internal capacity to secure real and lasting improvements in performance and working lives.

A practical approach

We offer a practical approach to building your organisation’s capacity for effective and sustainable change, grown from years of experience and decades of research evidence.

Leadership for High Performing Organisations is a tried and tested programme, leading to an ILM qualification, and grounded in evidence and experience. It empowers change leaders and managers with the knowledge, resources and practical support needed to confront deeply embedded attitudes and behaviours, the resilience to ask difficult questions, and the inspiration to create the culture of innovation and enterprise needed for twenty-first century challenges.

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The Programme

An Immersive workshop from 16.00 hrs 9th April - 16.00 10th April 2019

E-learning plus online coaching

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management achieved in 6 - 12 months

Our programme provides you with a fast-track route to the knowledge and competencies associated with transformational leadership. We support you all the way through your change process, helping you to apply your learning in practice, and this forms the basis for your final assessment. During the programme you will:

  • Build the business and policy case for change in your organisation.
  • Learn from diverse examples of transformation in public and private sector enterprises.
  • Understand and deliver practical approaches to achieving real change in your organisation.
  • Share ideas, experiences and challenges with participants from other organisations.
  • Achieve a sustainable momentum of change, supported by our on-line action plan.
  • Gain knowledge, skills and confidence, accredited by an internationally-recognised qualification.

What’s it about?

All kinds of companies and organisations are facing unprecedented challenges in an increasingly volatile business environment.

Tackling these challenges can’t be done by senior teams alone: they need to harness the creativity, insights and engagement of the entire workforce. Leaders need to empower others to take the initiative, coaching and supporting them towards successful outcomes. They must become the champions of employee empowerment, participation and voice.

Leaders are responsible for aligning the whole organisation to a shared vision and strategy, and this is often the biggest challenge they face. Organisations are repositories of accumulated practices, traditions, sub-cultures and interests. Inherited structures get in the way of the cross-functional collaboration needed to find sustainable solutions. Middle managers may act as a barrier reef, slowing the wave of change across the organisation as they defend their own areas of control.

Getting everyone to pull in the same direction can feel like an impossible challenge.

And staff, reputedly ‘our greatest asset’, then begin to feel disillusioned and start to disengage. There is never time to listen to their ideas for improvement or innovation. Or worse, they’re told to keep their heads down and not raise difficult issues.

Organisational change is being discussed everywhere. So how can you help to make it happen?

Leadership for High Performing Organisations enables you to combine practical learning and leadership development with the delivery of tangible business outcomes. It includes:

  • Making the business case for change.
  • Enabling highly effective jobs and teams.
  • Aligning organisational structures, management and procedures to high performance outcomes.
  • Engaging employees at every level in improvement and innovation.
  • Co-created leadership.
  • Delivering strategic goals.
  • People-Centred Change.
Organisations adopting these evidence-based workplace practices systematically gain 20-60% improvements in indicators ranging from productivity to employee engagement and health.

Following the Immersive, participants complete the programme within six to twelve months, supported by on-line coaching and e-learning resources. The programme avoids the need for lengthy assignments as the assessment is based on your personal practice and experiences of organisational change and leadership.

On successful completion, you are awarded the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership.

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What They Say

I highly recommend the Programme and suggest that everyone should go on it. It works for every size and type of organisation.
Chris Owens, IOM

Rosemary and Peter from Workplace Innovation have taken participants on a learning journey. The programme has been excellent for learning from other organisations. Building key networks and relationships has been invaluable. The content of the programme has been geared to ensure all organisations gain something. We are introducing a new business model and this programme has certainly helped guide and support us as we commence our three year Strategic Plan to bring transformational change to the care sector.
Mairi Martin, Cornerstone

The Programme has definitely been worthwhile, we wouldn’t be where we are now without it.
Colin Maxwell, Premier Hytemp

The Programme exceeded all expectations and was enjoyable and rewarding. Invaluable facilitation of cultural change.
David MacPherson, Charles River

I can see a difference also in the two people that have been in this course and I can see how they are keen to see that change to be replicated within the business. For me it has exceeded all expectations, probably gone beyond the boundaries of where I thought it would go, it goes right under the skin of the business. I am happy that we are now at the other side of it, that it’s made a big difference.
Martin Welsh, Booth Welsh

This programme affects the way people involved in change think and act, and gives a power to the change process.
Sara Blanco Rodriguez, Kilco

Our Programme Team

Dr Peter Totterdill is a Founding Director of Workplace Innovation Limited and Workplace Innovation Europe CLG. He is Visiting Professor at Kingston University London and Mykolas Romeris University Vilnius.

A co-originator of the workplace innovation concept in 2001, Peter focuses on building bridges between academic knowledge and practice. He has led successful leadership development, workplace innovation and organisational change initiatives in diverse private and public sector organisations since 1992 and is a highly experienced facilitator, coach and mentor.

Peter is committed to evidence-based practice, drawing on international research and experience, though his approach remains very practically orientated and uncluttered by jargon or obscure academic concepts. He recently co-led the Workplace Innovation Engagement Programme in Scotland.

His Board-level experience includes seven years as a Non-Executive Director at Nottingham City Hospital NHS Trust. Peter is also a Trustee of three charities, including Poltimore House in Devon.


Rosemary Exton is a Founding Director of Workplace Innovation Limited and Workplace Innovation Europe CLG. Rosemary’s experience builds on many years’ experience in the NHS where she instigated, drove and delivered many complex change and improvement initiatives as a clinician, manager and trade unionist, often working in challenging circumstances.

As a Board member since 2004, she has played key roles in several international research and development projects, whilst simultaneously delivering leadership development programmes and facilitating organisational change in diverse companies and public sector organisations across Europe.

Rosemary is widely experienced in action learning, the facilitation of dialogue workshops, training for employee representatives, and one-to-one coaching and mentoring support for those leading workplace innovation. Recent work includes the design and implementation of high performance teams in private and public sector organisations, and co-leadership of the Workplace Innovation Engagement Programme.

Rosemary gained an MA in Management and Leadership from the University of Leeds in 2008. She has published articles on workplace innovation and entrepreneurial behaviour and is a regular speaker and facilitator at international conferences and workshops.


Natalie Wilkie is an organisational development consultant with particular experience in transformation, change, organisational cultures and innovation. Natalie also focuses on building the emotional intelligence of leaders and teams in ways that make an impact at a fundamental level on the performance and engagement of people throughout the business. She is a qualified, accredited psychotherapist.

Natalie recently worked at the Met Office as an internal consultant, leading the Innovation Culture Team and heading up organisational development for the organisation’s Transformation and Efficiency project. Natalie has also developed and delivered bespoke leadership and management programmes. She has worked with teams at all levels to provide clarity and focus, helping them to deliver remarkable results.


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About Us

We are a not-for-profit organisation created specifically to stimulate and share better ways of working that lead to enhanced performance, higher levels of innovation and better working lives.

Our approach combines hard, evidence-based argument with the ability to stimulate and engage diverse business audiences. We work with leading international universities and research institutes to capture and analyse leading practice, and to translate it into practical tools and learning resources for change leaders.

Since 2013 we have co-led the European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN), established by the European Commission to spread knowledge and awareness of workplace innovation amongst organisations. EUWIN’s Knowledge Bank, established and curated by us, includes several hundred case studies and articles of value to people leading change. We created a unique portfolio of films to inspire and inform change leaders, and are the authors of The Essential Fifth Element, an actionable guide to workplace innovation supported by a robust body of evidence, case studies and practical resources.

In 2016 we launched Fresh Thinking Labs, a unique Online  and In Person  platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration between organisations.

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When: 16.00 – 16.00, 9th / 10th April 2019

Where: Exeter

Cost: £1200 (+VAT) includes ILM registration and dinner on the evening of 9th April; excludes overnight accommodation and travel expenses.

We welcome further discussion to ensure that the programme meets your requirements in every way. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Special offer for clients of PKF Francis Clark
FREE Participation in the Immersive workshop
Plus a discounted rate of £750+VAT per person when you decide to join the full programme.

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Workplace Innovation Europe CLG is a not-for-profit organisation created specifically to stimulate and share better ways of working that lead to enhanced performance, higher levels of innovation and better working lives.