Working with us as an accredited consultancy partner

We welcome collaboration with consultants who share our belief in evidence-based approaches, seek win-win outcomes for clients and their employees, and recognise that sustainable change can never be a quick fix. Applications are welcomed from consultants demonstrating appropriate prior knowledge and experience.

As an accredited Workplace Innovation Consultancy Partner  you can provide your clients with a unique, evidence-based and proven programme, including the Workplace Innovation Diagnostic, and combing personal learning and development for key personnel in your client’s organisation with practical support for improvement, innovation and change in the workplace.

The first step is to enrol on the Leading Workplace Innovation Practitioner  programme through distance learning using our state of the art Fresh Thinking Labs  platform. You will be supported by one of our experts through online and video coaching. When you’ve completed the programme, including online exercises and Learning Logs, you will have achieved Practitioner  status. The time taken to achieve this will be driven by you, ranging from a few days to a few months, and will vary according to prior knowledge and experience.

In order to deliver the Leading Workplace Innovation Practitioner  programme to your clients, you need to progress to Senior Practitioner  level. You will gain an even deeper understanding of workplace innovation, access a wider range of practical tools and resources, and benefit from more intensive coaching. You will be provided with learning plans and materials to help deliver effective workshops and meetings, and have the opportunity to enhance your presentation skills. This may take a little longer than Step 1, and involve live reflection on an active change project.

On successful completion, including the online exercises and Learning Logs, you will be awarded an ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management, and be accredited as a Workplace Innovation Senior Practitioner. This signifies an advanced level of competence, the right to train your clients’ employees as Workplace Innovation Practitioners, and access to advanced tools and resources to support change in client organisations including the Workplace Innovation Diagnostic. Our quality assurance process will ensure that your accreditation is valued by clients, signifying your ability to deliver evidence-based, effective and sustainable change.

Accreditation lasts for 12 months and can be renewed after completion of an online updating course and face to face coaching session with one of our team.

Delivering the Leading Workplace Innovation Practitioner  programme to your clients

You will need purchase a licence from us to enable your clients to register for the programme, access the platform, and eventually gain accreditation as Workplace Innovation Practitioners  and the award of the ILM Certificate in Leadership and Management. The cost of licences depends on the number of clients you expect to enrol on the programme, and you can buy more places at any time. You can also make use of the Workplace Innovation Diagnostic survey for your clients.

How to run a programme for your clients

  1. Purchase a licence for the number of participants you plan to include on the programme.

  2. Log the programme with us, including key dates, number of participants, duration and other relevant details.

  3. Ask us to register each participant on the Fresh Thinking Labs platform and the ILM qualification.

  4. Arrange the Workplace Innovation Diagnostic survey of your client’s employees.

  5. Contact us for advice on delivering the course, whenever necessary.

  6. Deliver the programme.

  7. Celebrate your participants’ accreditation!

How we support you

Regular contact to help you develop and deliver a plan for marketing and promotion.
A dedicated page for your business on our website (
National and international campaigns on social media and via email newsletters.
Free taster workshops delivered by our expert teams.
Bespoke press releases.
Production of an article and/or short film when you achieve exemplary results for a client.
Online advice and mentoring whenever required.
A closed Lab on the platform for each of your clients; you can add additional material and forum topics, and set up video conferences.
Participants complete online exercises and learning logs, which we assess for accreditation purposes. We provide you with regular updates on the progress of each participant.
Participants also provide us with feedback on course delivery through online surveys; we pass on the results to you to support continuous improvement.
We accredit each successful participant as a Workplace Innovation Practitioner, and award them a hard copy certificate. Likewise, we fully support participants to achieve the ILM Level 5 qualification.
Regular feedback, updates and advice.
Annual renewal of accreditation refreshes your skills and keeps you updated about latest thinking and practice.

And there’s more . . .

We want to get to know each of our Workplace Innovation Senior Practitioners well, so we can make sure you’re really getting the support you need to make change effective. One of our senior team will manage your account, and there are many ways in which we can provide additional help, for example by arranging regular networking events to share good practices or signposting you to new ideas and resources.

In short, you will be part of a community of like-minded people determined to change our workplaces for the better.

Cost: £3,500 +VAT
Includes ILM registration

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