The Workplace Diagnostic

Measuring and improving workplace practices at team, divisional and organisational levels

The Workplace Diagnostic is a unique on-line employee survey tool designed to assess a broad spectrum of workplace practices using 62 evidence-based indicators.

The survey asks employees and managers to identify their own day-to-day experiences of four ‘Elements’, or bundles of workplace practices each associated with high performance, employee health and mental well-being:

  • Jobs and Teams
  • Organisational Structures, Management and Procedures
  • Improvement and Innovation
  • Leadership and Employee Voice.

Unlike traditional engagement surveys, the Diagnostic provides a clear indication of where changes are needed to achieve this synergy, including the interdependent practices that will affect outcomes. It can be used across the whole company, at department or division level, or in individual teams of 10 or more people, adding valuable insights to HR analytics.

The results, translated into red, amber or green scores for 25 specific areas of working practice, indicate the potential for targeted change or consolidation. Findings are further broken down by department, team, professional group or other variables provided by you. Discrepancies between senior manager perceptions and employee experience of working practices are also calculated.

Findings are correlated with separate engagement, health and well-being scores within the Diagnostic, enabling users to identify the most effective levers for improvement.

The results are translated into a practical, online action plan template, enabling users to create a clear strategy for effective and sustainable change.

"The Diagnostic allowed us to pin point the areas of the business where we needed to focus and prioritise. This focus allowed us to tackle the real challenges on site. Without the Diagnostic there is a danger that we would have looked for the traditional ‘low hanging fruit’ or more ‘attractive’ improvement initiatives."

David O’Byrne

Operational Excellence Lead, Argenta Dundee

In addition to the Diagnostic, we’ve developed a free tool enabling you to assess workplace practices in your organisation.

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