The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic ®

A robust approach to organisational change

The Workplace Diagnostic helps you acquire an in-depth understanding of where change is needed in order to enhance engagement and performance. It focuses on workplace practices that enable people at every level to use and develop their full range of skills, knowledge, experience and creativity.

Organisations that systematically adopt these evidence-based workplace practices gain 20-60% improvements across a wide range of business indicators, from productivity to employee health and well-being.

The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic ® is a unique, on-line employee survey tool, solidly based in research evidence and practical experience. It asks employees and managers to identify their day-to-day experiences of four ‘Elements’, or bundles of workplace practices strongly associated with high performance, engagement and employee health and well-being: Jobs and Teams; Organisational Structures, Management & Procedures; Improvement and Innovation; Leadership and Employee Voice.

Unlike traditional engagement surveys, the Diagnostic provides a clear indication of where changes are needed. It can be used across the whole company, at department level, or in individual teams of 10+.

The results, shown as red, amber or green scores for 11 specific areas of working practice, indicate the potential for targeted change or consolidation. Findings are broken down by department, team, professional group or other variables provided by you. Discrepancies between senior manager perceptions and employee experience of working practices are also calculated. Findings are correlated with separate engagement, health and well-being scores, enabling users to identify the most effective levers for improvement.

Results are translated into a practical, online action plan template, enabling users to create a clear strategy for effective and sustainable change. The Diagnostic is repeated after an agreed period, usually between 9 and 12 months, to capture improvements and identify priorities for the next phase of change.

We support you throughout. We begin with a half-day pre-Diagnostic briefing and follow with a full-day interpretation and action planning session once each set of results is available. You also have access to opportunities for knowledge sharing through our Fresh Thinking Labs online platform and events.

I can understand from the Diagnostic what the genuine pulse of the business is and how it feels. I don’t think I would have done that previously, I would have just kept on blindly continuing thinking everything’s good.

Rob Cowman

Engineering Director
East Coast Oil & Gas

All of a sudden there was a method of measuring the issues we could see in the company. Once you can measure it, you can actually analyse it and do something about it.

Martin Welsh

MD, Booth Welsh

This is the most focused Diagnostic I’ve seen. It identifies where workplace practices can be improved, and drives an action plan that is going to deliver lasting change.

Sue Evans

Former HR Director
Warwickshire County Council

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As a taster for the Workplace Innovation Diagnostic ®, we’ve developed a free tool enabling you to assess your perception of workplace practices in your organisation.