The Essential Fifth Element Diagnostic allowed us to pin point the areas of the business where we needed to focus and prioritise. This focus allowed us to tackle the real challenges on site. Without the Diagnostic there is a danger that we would have looked for the traditional ‘low hanging fruit’ or more ‘attractive’ improvement initiatives. By focusing on the structures and processes that our teams work with, we are able to free them from bureaucracy. With this new-found freedom they’re innovating and improving - that is the power of The Essential Fifth Element.

David O’Byrne, Operational Excellence Lead, Argenta Dundee

Our participation has been essential in meeting our need to adapt to changing circumstances, primarily because we were a very inward-looking company and it’s only when you come to this kind of programme where you realise that there are other companies with similar challenges.

Steve Davison, LS Starret, Jedburgh

This programme has benefitted us hugely. It’s been great to hear of examples of best practice. It has enabled us to think outside the box, learn about the challenges of others and take some of their experiences back to our workplace.

Kat Halbert, Aviva, Perth

Rosemary and Peter from Workplace Innovation have taken participants on a learning journey. The programme has been excellent for learning from other organisations. Building key networks and relationships has been invaluable. The content of the programme has been geared to ensure all organisations gain something. We are introducing a new business model and this programme has certainly helped guide and support us as we commence our three years Strategic Plan to bring transformational change to the care sector.

Mairi Martin, Cornerstone

What makes the Workplace Innovation Programme different from others, it’s about resilience, keeping going, don’t give up at the first hurdle. And that’s why we have been at every session and enjoyed every session. We’ve taken the learning and ideas and brought them back and implemented them, and they work. Trust us, if they can work in our environment they can work in any environment.

Willie McWhinnie, Chief Engineer, Liberty Steel

We realised we needed to give people time and space away from their machines to offer their true potential, which could make us a more effective and profitable business. The solutions are far superior to any that I could have come up with on my own because we are harnessing the experience from the business. So the time taken for the session was well and truly paid back to the company, not only in the bottom line, but in terms of team commitment.

David Murdoch Operations Manager, DS Smith

Some of the companies we work with