Industry 4.0, digitalisation and the people-centred workplace

How can we make sense of Industry 4.0 and its practical implications for manufacturing and service companies alike? Can we blend the power of digital technologies to automate repetitive and low-skilled tasks with an upskilled workforce highly engaged in innovation and improvement?

Date: 4th-5th June 2018

Place: Irvine, Scotland

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Hosted by Booth Welsh, a leading provider of integrated engineering services, the Lab brings experts in technology and workplace innovation together with practitioners from diverse companies to share experience in several European countries and to identify win-win pathways to Industry 4.0.

Invited experts include Steven Dhondt (TNO, The Netherlands); Signe Skov-Hansen, (Danish Technological Institute); Tuomo Alasoini (Tekes, Finland); Mattias Elg and Henrik Kock (HELIX, Sweden), and representatives from Germany.

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