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How can you ensure that your organisation is ready to take full advantage of digital technologies – and unleash the full potential of your people at the same time?

Booth Welsh, a specialist engineering services company based in Irvine, has been on a remarkable journey. It has transformed workplace culture and created day-to-day opportunities for staff at every level to be part of the company’s deep commitment to innovation and improvement – all part of its strategic plan to stay ahead of the competition.

Booth Welsh understands that getting a full return on expensive digital investments doesn’t happen without the full engagement of its workforce, harnessing the experience and insights of people at every level, and developing the knowledge and skills they need to play a key role in this growing company’s exciting future.

Martin Welsh (the company’s MD), is committed to using Booth Welsh’s expertise to helping other companies become digital ready. He invites you to share their story, learn from what works, and explore ways of overcoming the barriers to changing culture and practice in the workplace.

“We’ve learned such a lot from leading companies across Scotland and the rest of Europe, and now we invite you to share the lessons which have helped us make such amazing progress during the last couple of years – join us in Irvine on 13th June!” Martin Welsh

This free event is facilitated by Rosemary Exton and Peter Totterdill, and is part of Workplace Innovation Europe’s programme of workshops, company visits and Masterclasses.

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When: 13th June

Where: Booth Welsh HQ

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